Check out some of our completed projects

CN Advanced concreting is a family run business with a great team, our completed projects will give you an idea of what we are capable of. We are a skilled team of professionals, able to get the job done on time, on budget and with the best quality finishes in concreting. We have a great amount of experience in our field and our work speaks for itself.


Defence Hangars

Project Timeline: Throughout the year we have had an ongoing contract with Fulton Hogan for defence hangar slabs.

Project Details: We complete defence slabs as and when we are required as a contractor to Fulton Hogan.


Defence Works

Project Timeline: Throughout the year we have had an ongoing contract with Fulton Hogan for work on defence projects.

Project Details: We complete slabs as a contractor to Fulton Hogan – we are a trusted team and represent our contracted agencies with a professional approach, ensuring the final product is second to none in quality.


Defence Contracts

Project Timeline: Throughout the year we have had an ongoing contract with Fulton Hogan for work on projects for all manner of defence works – from formwork to site excavation.

Project Details: We complete slabs as a contractor to Fulton Hogan – for all types of concreting needs.


House Slabs

Project Timeline: Throughout the year we have an ongoing contract with house building companies in Darwin.

Project Details: We complete 3 house slabs per week, with each slab completed in approximately 1.5 days depending on variables such as excavation, earthmoving and plumbing needs.

Other Details: Surveying specific levels conclusive with plans/form-working/ site preparation/ cement pour to completion house slabs varying from 120sqm- 380sqm in size. We also cement exposed aggregate verandahs, pool surrounds, and planter boxes, which are all completed to builder and client specification.


Tindal RAAF Base

Project Timeline: September 2016 – December 2016

Project Details: Multiple helicopter pads, shed slabs and erection of MAGS signs. This was a project contracted to us by Fulton Hogan.

Other Details: In order to complete this job, we were required to undergo safety compliance checks, team Inductions, and equipment testing and tagging.


Medical Facility

Project Timeline: May 2016 – December 2016

Project Details: Formwork for multiple concrete slabs of approximately 400sqm per slab. Poured the concrete for each slab at a rate of approximately 3 slabs per week.

Other Details: This job included multiple variations throughout the project, including 2 basketball courts and a large length curved set up steps. This work was contracted to us through Norbuilt.



Project Timeline: Ongoing as required (since October 2015)

Project Details: Level the surfaces, prepare the area, erect form-work,poured and sponge finished. Completed 156 Crossovers at council request for both Darwin City Council and Palmerston City Council. Footpathing completed in Darwin City and surrounds with successful organisation of traffic control and timely completion of project.

Other Details: Inspected by council and passed criteria.


Telstra NBN

Project Timeline: June 2015 – December 2015

Project Details: Replacement of approximately 100 slabs covering Telstra NBN conduit in all areas locally. Each slab measured 1m x 1.25m and was formworked, prepared and completed with either sponge or broom finishing.


Industrial Slabs

Project Timeline: January 2016 – Current

Project Details: Industrial slabs for large Plant and Operating equipment, needing to be strong and durable being driven on by heavy vehicles. Extensive footpaths in Darwin and surrounding areas. We have also used an Exposed Aggregate finish in a lot of projects

Other Details: A contract with Precsion Joinery and Building Pty Ltd.


Sturt Memorial

Project Timeline: June 2015 to September 2015

Project Details: Poured and finished 400sqm of exposed aggregate in salt and pepper colouring and formed and rendered several planter boxes for the Darwin Waterfront Sturt Memorial.

Other Details: This was a project contracted to us from the TOGA group.


Range of Aggregate finishes

Project Details: We have a strong reputation for the aggregate finishes we offer to our clients. There are a range of colours and additions that can be made to make your cement look unique and eye catching. Ask one of our friendly team members for more information on these options.